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Taghazout, Morocco

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Date:06.03. – 20.03.2016
Price:450 Euro
Organising team:Bastian Barami, Sebastian Kuehn
Accommodation:Surf Hostel (singles, doubles and dorms)

Bastian from and Sebastian have invited for 2 weeks to the small surf village Taghazout in Morocco. The internet connection was somewhat less than perfect, but there were plenty of opportunities for surfing and trips to the Sahara, Marrakesh and the nearby Paradise Valley.

As accommodation we had a surf hostel with a large roof terrace and sea view. Luxury looks different but for this low price you can’t have it all. Included in the cost were accommodation, breakfast, SIM card and pick-up from Agadir. Flights with Ryanair to nearby Agadir are available for well under 100 Euros from Germany.