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Canggu, Bali (10/2016)

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Date:15.10. – 05.11.2016
Price:800 Euro
Organising team:Willhelm Reich, Lukas Fingerle
Accommodation:Villa with double rooms

After a fantastic Workation in April 2016 we came back to occupy Villa Mimpi Manis in Canggu once again. The internet became more reliable, the streets git a little bit more busy but it is still the perfect place to find a productive work environment and spoil your soul at the same time. Surfing, yoga and great food, Canggu has it all.

The accommodation is superb. We rented the entire property with 6 separate villas for 2 persons each. There is a huge pool, some smaller pools, dining and working area as well as the great staff at Mimpi Manis who helped us to make this stay super convenient. Included in the price were accommodation (double rooms), breakfast, airport pick-up, SIM-card and scooter for three weeks.